Earth Works Volume 01: Reclamation

In the construction industry, materials are treated as commodities rather than processes. Material migration and transformation are overlooked in preference to a transactional buy/sell approach. Earth Works embarks on a humble yet fundamental journey of material as process - as excavation, reclamation, re-insertion and degradation; considering all the by-products along the way and seeing nothing as static, nothing as waste.

The first instalment of our deep research endeavour seeks to reconnect us with the fundamental earth beneath our feet, to reclaim what is already there, and to reconnect with traditional material crafts.

London rests on layers of seabed clay deposited during the Palaeogene Period 56-34 million years ago, through a cycle of sea level fluctuations. This paper compiles an open-source feasibility study into the processing of usable clay from excavated London soil.

Through the paper, we simultaneously explore the poetics of process as a self-reflexive working method, reflecting organically through open-thought and visual contemplation.

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