5.003 Microscope

In pursuit of a Goldfinch

19.07 – 01.08.2023

‘In pursuit of a Goldfinch’ is a micro-exhibition that targets the manufactured depictions of a European Goldfinch.

Extracted from the PhD research of William Victor Camilleri, the space is furnished with the observations of the visiting bird, as its passage of flight is tracked across a metaphorical garden.

The subject’s known movements, physically illustrated through a series of machined plates and subsequent prints are calibrated against the Goldfinch’s aluminium assembly, whose association hopes to expose unfamiliar lines of inquiry about the nature of the bird’s presence in the garden.

Goldfinch assembly with Garden tulip and Hoverfly
Credit: Frederik Petersen

First appearance of the Goldfinch
Credit: Frederik Petersen

A digital simulation concerning the maker's vantage point of the Goldfinch (detail)