East London Waterworks Park is a community vision to transform a concrete depot into the first new wild swimming ponds in London since 1770.

A new place for wild swimming in all weathers

The project looks to create an urban oasis where people can explore and swim in harmony with nature. To further this ambition, Periscope has developed and illustrated an approach to the site to show possible futures. Putting collaborative design into practice, a series of park components has been imagined by the Periscope team, combining many different hands and perspectives to imagine multiple futures and possibilities for the new park.

Repurposed heritage buildings and the former filter beds

The project seeks to capture the industrial wilderness of the Lea Valley, alongside the array of community benefits the new park could bring. This includes providing crucial connections between Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes, while increasing biodiversity of the River Lea. The new park will carefully balance old and new, activity and ecology - repurposing heritage buildings and opening up the former filter beds for recreation, whilst leaving other areas as quieter reserves for nature.

Human and non-human connections between Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes

Sketches illustrating nature - human relationships

Through a co-design process, the local community will shape future park facilities, such as a cafe, make-and-repair space, and open-access arts and science projects. At its core, the East London Waterworks Park will open up the former filter bed structures as new habitats and spaces for wild swimming.

Sketches showing community focussed landscape spaces

Opportunities for school groups to play, engage with and learn about nature

Our work has included providing sketches and illustrations for themed workshops to enable co-design at engagement sessions with local groups. For more information about the community project to rejuvenate this forgotten site visit elwp.org.uk

A cafe, make-and-repair-space, open-access arts and science projects

Client East London Waterworks Park
Year 2023
Project Value Confidential
Sector Park / Culture
Service Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Expedition Engineering