Northern Ireland Green Space

A co-produced 30-Year Vision, Route Map and Action Plan for the Future of Northern Ireland’s Urban Green Spaces.

The project was initiated by The National Trust and Northern Ireland Environmental Link, as part of The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s ‘Future Parks Accelerator’ programme. Following an identified lack of knowledge of the political and social landscape surrounding Northern Ireland’s urban green spaces, Periscope, Useful Projects and Community Places were commissioned to undertake a research, co-production and engagement process.

Our research looked to understand gaps, opportunities, needs and aspirations across Northern Ireland, through desktop analysis and mapping, value reporting, policy analysis and the first-hand gathering of insights on the ground. A truly collaborative approach looked to engage across multiple voices, perspectives, aims and attitudes. Through a series of co-design workshops, we established a community of leaders, bringing together key voices from across the Public Sector, NGOs, business and health sectors, alongside engaging with diverse community groups and individual members of the public.

The resulting co-created Vision sets the course for a better future of urban green space, to help realise the multiple public benefits of high-quality urban green spaces in a changing world. The Vision looks to address the health, climate and nature crises of our time. A supporting Route Map and Action Plan sets the framework for the Vision to become a reality.

The Vision will be launched to the public in Spring 2023.

Client Northern Ireland Environment Link / National Trust
Year 2023
Project Value n/a
Sector Strategy
Service Vision
Collaborators Useful Projects