Meridian Water Place Vision

Meridian Water is one of London’s largest regeneration opportunities. Located between Edmonton, Tottenham and Walthamstow, it is ideally placed to deliver the spatial, sustainable growth and economic resilience objectives of the London Borough of Enfield. The Meridian Water Place Vision is one of a suite of documents produced by Periscope to communicate the project’s unique and special qualities to a diverse audience including the local community, landowners, developers, politicians and designers.

The vision is founded on three key notions of sustainable placemaking, tying together local communities, natural values and sustainable productivity for future generations to come. These ‘Three Placemaking Pillars’ are: ‘Parklife on Your Doorstep’,’Your Place to Make and Create’ and ‘Mixing Uses Animating Streets’. The documents described how these pillars will be implemented and expands upon them through a series of integrated development principles.

Client Enfield Council
Year 2019
Project Value Confidential
Sector Place Vision
Service Place Vision / Urban Design