Gascoigne Road is a public realm and street improvement programme in the rapidly transforming Gascoigne neighbourhood in Barking, London.

Illustrated birds eye view of the future Gascoigne Road

The project undertook a process of co-design and public engagement with local schools, resident groups and other key stakeholders to develop a safe, sustainable, biodiverse, and inclusive streetscape with new pocket parks. The project was identified as a key placemaking opportunity in ‘The Big Picture’ Strategy (2020), and initiated by BeFirst in 2021. The street regeneration looks to unite severance between established local community groups and social organisations through providing a healthy walking route, a series of richly biodiverse habitats, and spaces for meeting, socialising and play.

The project will be submitted for Planning Approval later this year.

Site walk and talk with local residents

Intergenerational co-design event

Plan of Gascoigne Road Pocket Park

Working closely with a diverse range of stakeholders, ranging from a cohort of 30 primary school children, the Gascoigne Residents Forum and representatives from the Al-Noor Cultural Centre, Studio 3 Arts, local nurseries and Gascoigne Primary School, as well as residents, the proposals were shaped by the local knowledge of those who knew the site and what they needed best.

Gascoigne Residents Forum on-site co-design workshop with Urban Symbiotics

The transformation of Gascoigne Road is a small project of significant socio-environmental impact to the local community. The existing road is heavily congested with intensive vehicular use, air pollution and dangerous driving, affecting adjacent residents, and hundreds of children every day. By expanding the public realm, introducing sustainable drainage systems, as well as, new and improved crossings, a road of fumes and noisy traffic has the chance for a breath of fresh air.

Planting with the Gascoigne Residents Forum

Introducing new trees, groundflora and shrubs will encourage more pollinators and wildlife to thrive ensuring that the site is a place for both human and non-human visitors to spend time in. New play equipment and places to sit, rest and gather are reclaimed from the in between spaces of modernist housing blocks, offering much needed public space for the schools, surgery, mosque and arts centre lining the road.

Collage view showing a place to pause and gather on Gascoigne Road

Client Be First
Year 2023
Project Value £1.3m
Sector Public Realm / Transport
Service Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Lewis Hubbard Engineering / Stockdale / Urban Symbiotics