Future Fossil

Future Fossil collage view

Future Fossil is a large-scale public art commission which takes the form of a full-size cast of a domestic house, partially made from recycled materials. The work will provide a new public realm space for the community of Oxley Park and provide a new natural habitat for wildlife and flora and fauna.

We are collaborating with Something & Son on the design of the plastiglomerate materials for the house (a mix of household plastic waste and concrete) and the setting of the work. The construction of the piece including the landscape elements will involve members of the public and include an archaeological dig to uncover the amphitheatre seating.

The project is commissioned by Milton Keynes Council and MK Gallery and will be installed in 2020.

Client Milton Keynes Council
Year 2019
Project Value £250,000
Sector Culture / Artwork
Service Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Something & Son / ARUP