Barking Riverside is a 10,000 home, 150-hectare regeneration project in east London on the site of the former Barking Power Station. Frogley Park is the main green space in the ‘Stage 2 north’ area.

Masterplan drawing of Frogley Park project, proposing a 300m-long linear park with a mix of cycle, vehicle and pedestrian spaces and routes, improving connections between housing, schools and the central circus

Masterplan drawing

Periscope undertook a substantial amount of hands-on research and testing in RIBA workstages 2-3 to prototype concrete seamless surfaces using site-won aggregates and virgin stone

Originally conceived as a series of isolated, fenced amenity spaces, on appointment we proposed a generous 300m-long linear park connecting the central circus to new schools at the western edge. A mix of pedestrian and cycle spaces and shared vehicle routes, using seamless surfacing in the park and streets, make the landscape spaces more than the sum of their parts.

Ground-level plan of Frogley Park, a generous 300m-long linear park using simple concrete surfaces and lush planting in Barking Riverside

Ground level plan

Our design was informed by the challenging ecological, technical and aesthetic context; sitting where floodplain and foreshore meet in a highly engineered and contaminated site, the project offers simple concrete textures softened with lush planting.

Axonometric drawing of the play elements in Frogley Park, at Barking Riverside

Axonometric drawing of the park play elements

1:1 scale concrete samples produced by the Periscope team as part of our hands-on research approach. Using site-won aggregates and virgin stone we proved our concept of concrete seamless surfaces for Frogley Park, Barking

Photograph of 1:1 scale concrete samples

Managing surface water run off safely and sustainably is critical because of contamination from the site’s industrial past. Run-off from the park and from the roofs of adjacent buildings is collected in surface channels, which are densely planted to create a soft defensible edge to ground floor terraces which, when the channels fill, become balconies in a wetland.

Detail photograph of 4 examples of site-won aggregates, with which we prototyped and proved our proposed concrete seamless surfaces

Detail photograph of site won aggregates

We undertook a substantial amount of prototyping using site-won aggregates and virgin stone during RIBA Workstages 2 and 3 to prove the concept and potential of using a concrete seamless surface to key stakeholders. The client has subsequently commissioned us to design a test street as a full scale prototype.

The project is currently under construction and due to complete in 2022.

The river's edge close to the Barking Riverside Frogley Park site. Shallow water laps against textured stone with native marginal plants

Photograph of river's edge adjacent to the site

Site photograph of Frogley Park in Barking Riverside, a complex post-industrial 150-hectare site where floodplain and foreshore meet, requiring careful and sustainable surface water run-off management

Site photograph

Client Barking Riverside
Year 2018
Project Value £5m
Sector Park / Public Realm
Service Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Karakusevic Carson Architects / WSP / Elliot Wood / Max Fordham