The Colville Estate is home to a strong and active community living in tired post-war building stock. In 2010 a 15 year regeneration programme commenced with the aim of providing high quality new homes and new public realm.

Completed courtyard in Branch Place, on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Photograph of courtyard

Courtyard-level plan for Branch Place, on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Courtyard level plan

Collage view of courtyard for Branch Place, on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Collage view of courtyard

We were commissioned by Hackney Council to undertake landscape masterplanning work on the estate, weaving together 50 years of community and 10 years of design thinking into a joyful, coherent and robust place capable of supporting the community for generations to come. Our work includes the shared streetscapes, growing spaces, pocket parks, play spaces and roof gardens.

Branch Place courtyard during construction - elevated view of early stages of construction

Courtyard during construction

The Colville Estate Tenants and Residents Association (CETRA) has been involved throughout the masterplan process and has collaborated in the development of proposals for the estate including the public realm design. We took particular care to engage the residents thoughtfully, with large-scale models and detailed presentations on material specifications.

Detail photograph of construction of the curved brick planter for Branch Place, on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Detail photograph of curved brick planter during construction

Trees being planted during construction of the courtyard at Branch Place, on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Photograph during construction of trees being planted

Recently we have worked on RIBA Workstages 2-6 for Higgins Construction on the delivery of the landscape associated with Branch Place (the mixed tenure element of the Phase 2 of the masterplan) comprising several streets and gardens together with a large podium courtyard. Designed in collaboration with MUF Art/Architecture in a team led by Karakusevic Carson Architects, the podium garden contains growing space for residents, a meadow, a cherry tree, an amphitheatre, playable spaces and informal seating.

Photograph of the 1:50 scale model produced by Periscope for the Branch Place courtyard on the Colville Estate, Hackney

Photograph of 1:50 scale model

Client Hackney Council
Year 2019
Project Value £600,000
Sector Public Realm / Courtyard
Service Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Karakusevic Carson Architects / Muf architecture/art / Higgins Construction, Tully De'Ath